iHome iHC5S clock radio speaker system hooks up with your cell phone

Put your cell phone to work when you get home by parking it in this iHome iHC5S clock-radio speaker system, and it will communicate with this four-speaker mother ship via Bluetooth. Then you can access all the music on your cell phone and control all its functions, and also dial and receive calls using its speakerphone capabilities. If your cell doesn't have enough music on board to entertain you, the iHome also works just like any typical clock radio, with AM/FM radio reception as well as a line-in jack where you can plug in our MP3 player.

Since it communicates completely with your cell phone via Bluetooth, the iHC5S's LCD display helpfully shows caller ID information when a call comes in. Best of all, its $150 price is a whole lot cheaper than our fave Bose iPod dock and not that much more expensive than most clock radios.

iHome, via CrunchGear