IceRage office gadgets expose your inner geek

With IceRage, Virtuu USA isn't out to wow you with the technology inside their gadgets. After all, a mouse with a laser pointer isn't exactly new. But the sleek styling of the IceRage Pocket Mouse and Pocket Presenter, coupled with multiple color options, nicely compliment the two devices.

The Pocket Presenter, pictured after the jump, could add much needed pep to those dull office presentations. It's a Bluetooth mouse that doubles as a media controller and has a laser pointer built in. Or maybe the simpler Pocket Mouse, pictured above, is more your speed. It's small enough that it barely leaves a telltale bump when in your pocket, and features a compartment to hide its retractable USB cable and plug entirely. Right now the IceRage gadgets are working concepts, but the plan is to have several more colors by launch. (Psst... My favorite color is orange.)