How to Comment

I think that new smartphone from Palm, the Centro, kinda sucks. Sure, it's only $100, but if you're buying a smartphone, splurging a little wouldn't be the worst idea. I also think that Al Boline's piece on the merits of nuclear power made a lot of good points. And that concept HP gaming handheld looks totally fake.

What am I doing here posting when I should be commenting on those posts? Maybe it's 'cause I'm a little fuzzy on how to do that. Actually, I'm not, but in case you are, I wanted to share with you this key passage from the Commenting 101 textbook (more of a pamphlet, really):

  • 1) Click on the post's headline or "Comments" link.
  • 2) Scroll down to the spot where it says "Post a comment."
  • 3) Click on "Sign in."
  • 4) If you don't have a SCI FI handle, click on "Get started here" and follow the registration instructions. It takes only a minute and all you need is an e-mail address.
  • 5) Now you're ready. Surf on back to the post to leave your thoughts (even if they amount to, "This is stupid").