Holographic kiosk lets you throw your own fashion show

Like it or not, models just look better in clothes than the rest of us. If you've never been able to realize your own personal modeling fantasies, a booth at Shinjuku's Takashimaya department store in Tokyo, Japan might do the trick.

Anne's Fitting Room is an interactive holographic display that will let anyone play dress-up with Japanese supermodel Anne Watanabe using World's "Untitled" fashion line. The display uses the Free Format technology developed by a Danish company called viZoo to achieve the effect, and is considered to be a first in the fashion world. While Free Format won't let massive sharks jump out at us à la Back to the Future 2, the special film projected onto a transparent screen is convincing enough. Would-be fashion designers first pick a theme for Anne using a touchscreen console, such as "Date" or "Work," and then arrange a dozen different outfits for Anne's spectral image to model inside her glass booth. Tomorrow's headline: "Holographic dolls offer millions of options for fashionable girls."

viZoo, via Pink Tentacle