Green screening made really, really easy

The most memorable thing my father's ever said to me came up when I was a kid and we were wandering the aisles of a toy store together. I think we passed by some robot figurines that could blow each other's arms and legs off and he told me, "Son, one day you'll have a kid of your own, and you'll realize that their toys are way cooler than the rocks you played with." Looking at this Rip Roar Creation Station, essentially everything a kid needs to get green screening in a jiffy, I think he may just be right.

The Creation Station comes with a video camera that has LED lighting, a microphone and a tripod, as well as a couple of green screens and a software CD. Any child could be the star of their own afternoon by easily capturing themselves and then going nuts with the special effects suite the software provides. Sure, they might not be taking their creations to a film festival, but I can readily imagine a child's mind running in a million different directions with this. And, at $130, the Rip Roar is certainly a cheap start for any young filmmaker.

Amazon, via OhGizmo!