Gateway's all-in-one PC is called the One. Get it?

This morning Gateway went after the iMac crowd by unveiling an all-in-one PC called… er, the One. OK, the name isn't that slick, but machine itself might be. After all, the screen is a decent size (19 inches), and how many PCs do you know that sport seven USB jacks? Don't let the connectors fool you, though — this thing is all about getting rid of unsightly cables, coming with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a removable webcam that plugs into a USB port on top, and compatibility with all flavors of Wi-Fi (a, b, g, and n). At the heart of the One is an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, either 1.5-GHz or 2-GHz, depending on your configuration. The hard drive is decently sized, too, starting at 320GB and going up to 500GB.

The One is hardly the first all-in-one PC we've seen, but it's more affordable than other options out there, starting at $1,300 for the entry-level model and peaking at $1,800 for the tricked-out bad boy with the XXXL hard drive and a souped-up graphics card. Yeah, the iMac is technically cheaper, but Apple gets you with the accessories.

This One arrives in late October. Sorry, couldn't resist that One. Check out One or two more pics of the machine after the jump. SomeOne stop me already! Ooonnnneeee!!! 1!

Via Gateway