Fujitsu robot Enon lands new gig, wants your job next

Humans can now scratch museum guide (or 'docent' for you arts buffs) off the list of jobs available as yet another robot has stepped up to put us on the unemployment line. Fujitsu's Enon robot landed a permanent gig today at The Kyotaro Nishimura Museum in Yugawara, Japan as a guide for the facility's various exhibits. According to Fujitsu, Enon will autonomously travel to the museum's entrance to greet visitors and offer voice, gesture and visual aids via an LCD screen embedded in its chest.

They're calling this version of Enon a "Service Robot," but new models are in the works. Other traditionally human job categories Fujitsu has its sights set on are security and package transport. For the blue-collar slubs among us, it looks like that dependable Rent-A-Cop/Post Office/UPS job just got a lot less reliable.

Via Fujitsu