Emergency cocoon makes you look like an alien pupa

If you're so insistent on leaving the confines of civilization to explore the savage beauty of the natural world, at least take this giant cocoon with you. Yes, that's right, a big cocoon. It allows you to hang from the thicker limbs of trees or drape yourself off a cliff when you need to escape something dangerous in a pinch. How would that help? I don't know, you're the outdoorsy one! It'll also keep your warmth in and the cold and rain out.

The soothingly colored interior is designed to keep you calm when some scary beast lumbers over to see if the cocoon is edible. I can imagine this coming in handy if you were lost and it sent out some sort of SOS or was easily spotted by aircraft, but right now it looks like its geared more toward just hanging around. Designed by John Moriarty, Cocoon isn't available anywhere yet.

Coroflot, via Oh Gizmo!