Ecostrip makes sure all your peripherals shut off when your computer does

Even when your computer is off, all those peripherals you have plugged into it continue to suck up precious energy. Be it your printer, your speakers, your monitor, or an external hard drive, they all just love wasting expensive, earth-raping power. It's time you taught them some manners.

This brilliant USB Ecostrip is a smart way to make sure that everything that runs on your computer turns off when it does. You simply plug the USB cable into your computer, then plug the power cords of all your peripherals into the strip. When it senses that you've shut your computer off, it'll cut the power to everything else, making sure you aren't sucking power that you don't need. It's a simple and clever idea that's sure to show up at the end of the month on your power bill.

Ecostrip, via Everything USB