Dark matter research facility could double as science-fiction movie set

Some posts are almost completely picture-driven and this one about Japan's Super-Kamiokande is one of them. The Super-Kamiokande, or "Super-K," is a neutrino observatory located one-thousand meters underground in Gifu, Japan. Originally built in 1983, and renovated just last year, the Super-K facility engages in experimental research designed to reveal new information about cosmic ray physics, dark matter, and the number one task currently intriguing scientists worldwide--the creation of a Grand Unified Theory, a new theory that would unify the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces in the universe.

While all of this is surely good for mankind's scientific future, the science-fiction nerds among us will likely be dazzled more by the facility's absolutely mind-blowing interior. Looking amazingly similar to many of the scenes in the sci-fi cult film classic "Event Horizon," the Super-K facility appears to be something from another planet. We've included some photos here, but to get the full impact you should visit the research center's site for the high-resolution versions, or better yet check out the video.

Via Super-K