Customized Firefox racing car invades Japan

Imagine if you could take your favorite piece of Internet software and somehow seamlessly merge it with the most bad-ass vehicle you've ever driven and you might have the Mozilla Firefox (as in the Web browser) NASCAR style racer. The customization was created as a part of the festivities for Tokyo's Mozilla 24, a 24-hour digital thinktank, and the "Firefox Rock Festival" which occurred this past weekend. For a taste of the action check out this video interview with TypePad investor Joi Ito and Japanese music stars Cornelius and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The geek dream car is slated to compete in a major car show in Nagoya later this month. We contacted Mozilla Japan to find out more about the Web 2.0 style chariot and found out that the car is a Toyota Celica customized by a festival volunteer. No word on whether or not the vehicle will make it to the United States, so in the meantime you can drool over more photos of the ultimate nerd mobile here.

Via Spread Firefox

Photo courtesy Nobihaya