Corsair Readout shows you exactly what's inside

These days, USB memory sticks are so cheap and handy that you might have a few of them lying around — I know I do. While it's nice to be able to carry around several dozen gigs worth of information in your pocket, things can get hairy when you try to remember what data you put on which drive.

Instead of juggling thumb drives, just be sure they have a handy little screen like this Corsair Readout so you know exactly what it's storing and how much space it has left. The Bi-stable Cholesteric Display, or BCD, is able to display information for a year without direct power. That means you won't have to plug it in to see your personalized tag or how many megabytes are free. Sure, you could just slap a sticky label on any old drive, but the Readout is a classier solution. A 4GB Corsair Readout costs around $80.

Brando, via SlashGear