ChroMac will undo any good the Apple design team did to your iMac

People have plenty of legitimate criticisms of Apple's computers, but, generally speaking, their design isn't one of them. Apple is pretty much universally regarded as the leader in computer design, consistently raising the bar in terms of aesthetics and case design. Which is why it seems kind of stupid for a company to be based around negating any classy effects of Apple's design.

I mean, no offense ChroMac, but your new iMac cases are hideous. The new iMacs are beautiful, with brushed metal and glass. Who in their right mind would spend an additional $500 to $700 changing it into a flamingo pink chrome monster? Those computers aren't cheap to start with, after all. I would pay good money to keep the nice folks at ChroMac away from my new computer.

Product Page, via BornRich