Cars of the future will most definitely not feature Psychro-Ray climate control

The award for today's most redundant and scarily named gadget goes to Chun-Yen Tsao, creator of the Psychro-Ray. It's an automatic climate-control system for your car that scans the cabin, switching on the A/C if it's too hot. But it doesn't stop there — the solar-powered device also has a carbon-filtration system and electrostatic dust collector to keep your air pure.

Sounds nice until you realize that most cars already have temperature controls (albeit not automatic ones), and getting rid of whatever harmful stuff is in the air could probably be handled just as well by a cheapo gadget from the Sharper Image. That is, if you're that paranoid. Thrown in the silly name ("Psychro"? Really?), and you have to wonder which junior high school contest Tsao is entering with this misguided concept design. Looks cool, at least.

Via Yanko Design