Cane with map inside shows that ingenuity isn't exclusive to the gadget era

Not all clever gadgets are brand new, nor do they all require a fancy screen and a rechargeable battery to function. Check out this cane, for example, which hides a map of Boston inside it. Not only will it help you support your tired old knees as you roam around, but it'll also let you know where to walk to.

It's not coming out this year. Actually, it came out a few years ago… in 1940. It was made by the In-A-Cane Display Company for attendees of the American Legion National Convention, and what a lucky bunch of convention goers they were. We need to see more fancy canes these days. I mean, sure, I have Manhattan subways maps on my iPod, but I don't have them in my cane. Which seems more convenient to you? That's what I thought.

Cooper Hewitt, via Gadget Lab