Buffalo unveils new wireless Skype phone

Buffalo just released its own Skype phone for wireless on-the-go phone calls. It's black (a requirement for any truly geeky device), it's slim and lightweight and it's designed to connect to Japan's over 5,400 FREESPOT WiFi access points. The phone itself isn't much to look at, but if it works as advertised, it could be a great addition to your Nihon utility belt.

There's just one problem, FREESPOT service is notoriously spotty and finding random WiFi access points in Japan that don't require a password is next to impossible. I speak from recent experience--just this afternoon I spent almost three hours in Shinjuku looking for a strong WiFi hotspot in vain. Nevertheless, the new phone from Buffalo--a company that usually focuses on the Japan market--is a good clue that we'll see more cool WiFi gadgets coming to Japan soon.

Via Buffalo