Bose suspension system is still in the works, is far more exciting than desktop speakers

While we're on the subject of Bose, whose Framingham lair we visited yesterday, we can't help but mention the Bose automobile suspension system. The fact that Bose has been working on a different sort of suspension system for cars isn't news— the company announced it two years ago, after it had been researching car suspension for over 25 years (Dr. Bose said yesterday that the company has spent over $100 million on the project). After the initial announcement, the car experts over at Edmunds raved, "We were stunned by this achievement. To say that this technology is the biggest advance in automobile suspension since all-independent design would be an understatement."

Dr. Bose said that the system right now was extremely costly — a "conservative estimate" would be that it would add well over $10,000 dollars to the cost of the car. Nevertheless, Bose has been trying to negotiate with car manufacturers. We understand that the system is not going to be put on a Honda anytime soon, but what about an Aston Martin? Tacking even $30,000 onto the cost of an already expensive car would seem worth it if this system with four electromagnetic motors can really deliver as well as it does in the video after the jump.