Bose MusicMonitor PC speakers promise lots of bass with no subwoofer

Bose made a "major announcement" today, so we're here at the company's headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, where we listened to a lecture by Dr. Bose himself. Yes, there is a Dr. Bose — in fact, he's a MIT professor. He spoke about the history of the company, and about Bose's car-suspension system research (more on that later), but left it to the product reprs to show off the new product: tiny stereo PC speakers, a system called the Bose Computer MusicMonitor. Of course, Bose manufactures computer speakers already, but these two speakers work without a subwoofer. How do they sound? Well, with the sample tracks that were recorded for Bose, they sound pretty good. More details as they come.

UPDATE: The MusicMonitor system will cost $399, coming October 4. The speakers are meant for use with laptops and desktop computers, plugging directly into the headphone jack. They're basically for people who don't want speakers taking up a lot of space — right now $399 already buys you the Bose Companion 5 system, a 2.1-channel system for folks that aren't bothered by a subwoofer under their desk. Another shot of the system after the jump.