Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 car receiver/audio player lets you say bye-bye to CDs

The last thing you need to be doing when you're driving on a busy highway is rummaging around in your glove compartment for a CD. That's why the Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 makes sense. It's the first of many car receivers we'll be seeing in the next few years that do away with CDs altogether. Compatible with SD/MMC cards, it plays MP3 and WMA files while displaying either folder names or ID3 tags from all of your music files right there on its LED display.

Along with this $160 unit, Blaupunkt also offers an optional adapter for your iPod (you can rest it on one of these), cellphone, Bluetooth or GPS navigation device. If that's not enough, it can snag music off any of your USB devices, and it also accepts plain old analog 3.5mm audio plugs. Just about the only thing it's missing is satellite radio capability, and, oh yeah, it also lacks that CD slot, which we're not going to miss one bit.

via Blaupunkt