Aptera 3-wheeled eco-lovin' vehicle available for pre-order

Remember the Aptera three-wheeled vehicle we showed you back in March? Well, if you've been lusting at it ever since, today's your lucky day: it's now available for pre-order.

As promised, it'll set you back about $20,000, but even when you reserve one, you'll need to wait another year for it to come in. You have your choice between the all-electric or plug-in diesel hybrid model, and the specs are an impressive 230mpg while chugging along at 55mph. It certainly looks slick, and it'll get a lot of doubletakes when you're seen driving it on the highway, but I don't know how practical it actually is. I guess we'll see. Hit the jump for a couple interior shots.

Product Page, via NewLaunches

aptera2.jpg aptera3.jpg