5,000-piece Millennium Falcon is biggest, most awesome Lego set ever

Lego has just released their biggest and most insane set ever: a $500, 5,000-piece Millennium Falcon set so monstrous that the instructions alone weigh a whopping 4 pounds. It's sure to take many, many hours to build, which is more than half the fun of Legos, and when all is said and done you'll have a seriously impressive model to show off/play with.

As someone who grew up playing with Legos almost exclusively as well as enjoying (although not obsessing over) the Star Wars movies, this thing almost makes me want to get back into my old pastime. Almost, because there's no way I'd ever spend $500 on Legos and there's also nowhere in my apartment that has so much dignity that it could take the kind of hit that a giant Star Wars toy on display would bring, but in theory, I'd love to take a whack at building this thing. Hit a jump for a picture of the completed model.

Via Gizmodo