20 million candlepower flashlight blinds people, may signal spacecraft

How bright does your flashlight need to be? If you're trying to blind Bigfoot in his tracks you might want to consider the Black & Decker Sport Spot that has an impressive 20 million candlepower rating. It uses halogen bulbs instead of the trendier LED bulb, which means it's going to suck a lot of battery power. The Sport Spot uses a 12-volt battery, which only gives 25 minutes of life, but at least it's rechargeable. If you'd rather not go the battery route, you can also run the light off AC.

For around $75, you can use this light in your dirty dank workshop, or drive down the street late at night re-enacting your favorite scenes from Cops — just be careful you don't shine it in anyone's face. Okay, so 20 million candles still won't get noticed by any motherships in orbit, but get 2,000 of these flashlights together and you'll have an impressive beam to match the Luxor's in Las Vegas.

Amazon via Oh Gizmo!