World's biggest camera captures — you guessed it — world's biggest photo

Do you like your photos big? And I don't mean 8x10 big, or poster-size big, or even billboard big. I'm talking three-storeys-high big — the size of the image captured on Monday by the world's biggest camera, which, by the way, is actually an airplane hangar. If XXXXXXXXL pics are your bag, you may want get in touch with the folks behind The Legacy Project, who created the colossal camera and photo to get into the Guinness Book of World Records (they did).

Made of white fabric doused in light-sensitive chemicals, the big pic measures 31 feet tall and 111 feet wide. By darkening the hangar and exposing the fabric via a peephole in the doors, the Legacy crew created a massive camera obscura. "Snapping" the picture took 10 days, and they had to develop it an Olympic-level swimming pool with 600 gallons of developer. I'm guessing that didn't include a picture CD.

If you're passing through Pasedina, California, next month, the phat photo will be on display at the Art Center College of Design from Sept. 6th to the 29th.

The Legacy Project, via Spluch