Surface Tension coffee table adds a touch of the '80s to your gaming

Here's a bachelor pad's dream: a coffee table that doubles as a gaming rig. The high-gloss top of the Surface Tension table adds a taste of arcade chic to a living room, housing a monitor beneath the glass tabletop and classic controls on the side. But this is no mere console — just like the DreamAuthentics Katana, the Surface Tension is built around a Windows PC, letting you cue up everything from Space Invaders to Call of Duty 3.

Apple's Airport Express Wi-Fi is built in, so you can browse the Web wirelessly and download stuff from iTunes without ever leaving your sofa. There's a digital photo viewer as well. The company that makes the tables is based in the U.K., but since you're paying $6,635 for this puppy anyway, shipping shouldn't be so bad. Go for it, '80s boy.

Via Surface Tension

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