Stallion three-wheeler rides like a rocket

Is this a car or a motorcycle? The Stallion by Thoroughbred Motorsports is neither; it's a three-wheeled vehicle with a 2.3-liter Ford four-cylinder engine, cranking out 155 ponies. That might not sound like a lot, but this is a small, relatively light two-seater with a power-to-weight ratio similar to the most powerful muscle cars in the world.

It does have motorcycle roots, though. Thoroughbred Motorsports formerly converted motorcycles into three-wheelers, but now this is their first foray into building their own vehicles, using a lot of Ford parts and many components of their own making. The Stallion's seating arrangement reminds you of the company's motorcycle roots, with the driver's seat in front and the passenger seat positioned behind it.

There's where the similarity between cars and motorcycles ends. It has a five-speed automatic transmission, cruise control, and there's even air conditioning and heat for the front and rear passenger. Even with all those options and power, this tricycle's makers claim 45-mpg on the highway and 35-mpg in the city. With production models just becoming available, all that performance ain't cheap—this Stallion commands a $29,995 base price.

Thoroughbred Motorsports, via AutoBlogGreen