Smart fryer uses a mere tablespoon of olive oil to make chips

Stupid potato chips! They're so very delicious, yet also so very unhealthy. The problem lies in how they're deep fried in oil, giving them a delicious flavor while also covering them in unhealthy grease. If only there was a better way!

Don't look now, but a better way just appeared. It's called the Tefal AciFry, and it can fry up a 2-pound batch of homemade potato chips with a mere tablespoon of olive oil. How does it do this, pray tell? It merely circulates hot air around your fries while a mixing paddle evenly disperses the oil. Somehow that gets your chips totally fried without needing to douse them in fatty oil. What results are chips with only 3% fat. I'd have to taste one to be sure it didn't taste like cardboard, but any way we can get some of the bad gunk out of our junk food is alright with me.

Lakeland, via Spulch