Skullcandy G.I. headphones will make at least your head look tough

Do you have something to prove? Do you need to look as tough as possible to make up for the crippling insecurities you feel inside? Well, that's kind of sad, but far be it from me to refuse to help you out.

These Skullcandy GI headphones will make you look like a total badass, at least on the top of your head. They’ve got fake bullets on the headband, as if that's an efficient place to store your ammo, and they're all heavily padded, camouflaged, and intimidating. It isn't clear how much of the $70 price goes towards the "look" and how much of it goes towards, you know, good sounding headphones, but a badass such as yourself shouldn't care about frivolous crap like that.

MobileMag, via Ubergizmo