Sirius delivers the Stiletto 2 to fans of portable satellite radio

Sirius, the satellite radio provider that wants oh-so-badly to merge with XM, is releasing an update to its portable Stiletto player, the aptly named Stiletto 2. What do you get with this new version? Well, you'll obviously be able to listen to Sirius satellite radio on the go, but it also comes with all sorts of fun features to make you want to drop the original Stiletto and grab the new model.

You'll be able to schedule recordings of your favorite shows to listen to later, which is nice for insane Howard Stern fans. It also automatically stores recent programming, allowing you to "rewind" on any channel in case you missed something. Then there's Sports Alert, which help you track specific teams that you follow, and recordable songs, which are like the 21st century version of taping songs off the radio. If you're a Sirius fan, it looks to be right up your alley.