Sharp's 20mm-thick TVs are like looking into the future

Sharp has just unveiled a set of "experimental" LCD TVs that are a mere 20 millimeters (¾ inch) thick. Those are some seriously thin TVs. Due to their extreme figure, these things probably cost way more than could reasonably be charged to produce, which is why they were just shown in a "see, we can do it!" rather than a "go buy this" sense.

Despite that, the TVs are really impressive. They have contrast rations of 100,000:1, although the "living" contrast is 3,000:1, which is a pretty sizable difference. They also have a response speed of 4 milliseconds, but stats are obviously not as important as just how damned thin these things are. Take a good look, friends; this is how all TVs will look soon enough. Hit the jump for a head-on picture.

Impress, via Gizmodo