Self-cooling cushion may be part vampire

If your office hasn't wised up to the minimalist chairs inspired by the Aeron, there are other ways you can keep you tushie cool in these steamy days of summer. USB cooling gadgets aside, the Self-Cooling Seat Cushion is stuffed with a gel material that will absorb and dissipate heat after you sit on it by changing to a liquid form — no refrigeration necessary. It sounds suspiciously like the Outlast material that's made its way into Select Comfort's high-tech beds, but the product page makes no mention of it. Looking to avoid some licensing fees, guys?

If they have, they haven't exactly passed the savings on to you, seeing as the cool cushion costs $50. Amusingly, the site recommends that you "not over expose the cushion to direct sunlight as this may damage the cooling materials inside." Those materials being… vampire blood?

First Street, via Coolest Gadgets