Samsung fuel-cell laptop runs for a month, no recharging

The days of recharging your laptop may be numbered if Samsung's fuel-cell notebook catches on. The Direct Methanol Fuel Cell laptop supposedly carries enough fuel in that chamber beneath the monitor to keep it running for a month. If true, it would be totally worth the extra bulk. After it runs out, you'd have to gas the laptop up with more fuel — not available in stores just yet. Estimates on when you'll be able to buy a fuel-cell notebook vary; the technology may be years away, but as more companies enter the fray, there could be a race to market.

The laptop shown here, which Samsung showed off recently in Asia, already has a fuel-cell chamber appreciably smaller than last year's prototype, whose cell was as wide as the laptop itself, and twice as thick, calling into question the use of the word "portable." Compare the old with the new after the jump.

Daily Tech, via Übergizmo