Salad shaker makes washing and dressing fun again

Most salad spinners' only function is to spin-dry lettuce. But making salad involves so much more work than that — you have to wash the lettuce, dress it, and toss it as well. Why don't we have one machine that can do all the work?

We may soon, thanks to Matt Gossington, the man behind the six-slice toaster. He invented the Salad Shaker, a machine that operates on pretty much the same premise as the ice cream ball: you put in ingredients and shake them around until they become something else.

In the case of the salad shaker, you put in lettuce and water, shake it around to clean the lettuce, drain the water, shake to dry (normal salad spinner job), then add dressing and shake again. It's not the prettiest household appliance, but it'll get a lot more mileage in the kitchen than the corn stripper.

Via Coroflot