Rumored 'fat nano' iPod pictures leak out of Apple

Some pictures of a squat iPod hit the Web last week, and a few sites picked them up as a rumor. Nothing new, right? But then Apple went ahead and had their legal team ask Gizmodo to take them down, essentially confirming them as the real deal (the pic above is an original rendering from Gizmodo). Whether the new iPods will look like this or be completely different is unknown, but these certainly have more credibility at this point than some baseless rumor.

As for baseless rumors, well, there are a few as to what these fatty iPods will actually be. One rumor says that they'll come in 8-GB and 16-GB flavors, play video, and no longer be called "nano." I've got to be honest, nothing about these things gets me excited in even a tiny way. Bring me a widescreen, touchscreen iPod or bring be nothing at all, Apple.

Via CrunchGear and Gizmodo