Roboboa, a versatile robot snake with personality

One glance at Roboboa and we knew we'd finally found what we've been looking for: a 41-function robot snake that's an alarm clock, disco light, bizarre companion and a whole lot more. Consisting of four motorized segments, this robotic worm can watch over your abode, shining and flashing its numerous lights and tracking anything that moves, serving as a 24-hour sentinel for your personal safety and amusement.

Roboboa doesn't just sit still, either. It can roam around the room, exploring all obstacles and interacting with everything it bumps into. It can also send messages to other robots. There's a practical side of Roboboa as well; it can actually wake you up in the morning with a noise or nudge.

Perhaps most entertaining about this $220 device is that it shows the first vestiges of an artificial personality, its AI reacting to its environment and interacting with it as well. Put some real weapons on this little monster and it could be dangerous., via Coolest Gadgets