PS3 gets DVR capabilities, can send shows to PSPs… in Europe

The PlayStation 3 just got a lot more attractive — at least it did if you live in Europe. Sony Europe just unveiled the PlayTV, a TV tuner for the PS3 that turns your gaming console into a full-fledged DVR, as we predicted earlier this month. It downloads this week's TV schedule and has all the fixings of DVRs out now.

Even better, new software upgrades for the PS3 will allow you to download recorded shows to a memory stick for viewing on the PSP. It's a pretty awesome system, one that would sell a lot more PS3s and PSPs here in the States… if it were available. Unfortunately, the new tuner isn't compatible with digital TV in the U.S. That would make the services impossible to use, so until we catch up with the network across the pond, we can only stare longingly over the Atlantic and practice some patience. Sigh.

Sony Europe, via New Launches