Mitsubishi's new Blu-ray players can make any 2D movie 3D

High-definition video is already pretty damned realistic, but Mitsubishi is looking to make it even more realistic. How, you ask? By making it 3D, of course. And we aren't talking holograms or anything here, unfortunately. No, it's actually looking more to the past, requiring viewers to don 3D glasses straight out of the '80s.

Yes, that's what's up Mitsubishi's sleeve: 3D Blu-ray players. Now this won't just play special movies that were shot in 3D as we've seen in the past; no, they can actually make any 2D movie 3D on the fly, which is pretty cool. Even though I hate wearing 3D glasses and watching anything 3D for more than a half hour is a recipe for a headache, this is pretty neat tech. It'll be interesting to see how it works when it comes out.

Crave, via UberGizmo