Magic Mirror WebCam: Paint your face, love yourself and surf the Web simultaneously

On the Tokyo train system, one of the most common sights you'll be treated to is that of young Japanese women simultaneously texting on their cell phones while checking their compact mirrors to make sure every "genki" hair is in place. Now the sport of multitasking train narcissism has been moved online and packed into one convenient device called the Magic Mirror WebCam.

Produced by Thanko, the device allows you to chat on your computer while checking your makeup (or CosPlay war paint, or cross-dressing getup, etc.). The key here is that you can look into the camera while you're speaking to your similarly self-obsessed friends via the Internet, so pretending to care what other people are saying no longer has to interrupt your self-adoration.

The chances of this device catching on the U.S. are pretty good considering the recent inexplicable idolization of living Barbie dolls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan as all-American icons. And somewhere in a dark Eastern European adult-webcam operation, someone is thanking Thanko for this ingenious invention…

Via Thanko (translated from Japanese)