Logitech's Pure-Fi Dream reacts to the wave of a hand

Logitech has just announced a really slick-looking iPod "speaker system," otherwise known as a fancy iPod dock. It's called the Pure-Fi Dream Bedroom Music System for iPod, and it has sweet new motion-sensing technology inside, bringing it to a level above that of your standard dock system.

The motion sensing comes into play by reacting when you put your hand near it. The invisible buttons suddenly light up, allowing you to change the settings, and dim again once you've done what you need to do. In addition, if you use it as an alarm clock, you simply need to wave you hand over it to hit the snooze "button." Neat. It also has stuff like one-button access to playlists, an AM/FM radio and a dual alarm with battery backup. It'll be available this November for $250.