LED keyboard proves old peripherals can learn new tricks

There isn't a lot of variation when it comes to keyboards. Basically, it's got keys, sometimes the shape is a little different, and it probably has a number pad on the right if it's a full sized job. Maybe there'll be some extra macro keys for powerusers, and some gaming keyboards coming in wacky configurations, but when it comes to normal keyboards, there's not much room for surprise.

Well, Logitech has gone ahead and made a keyboard that, while not totally revolutionary, manages to add something that you've probably never seen before: an LED screen. Designed for gamers who want an extra space to display vital info without taking up precious screen real estate, the Logitech G15 keyboard has a screen that can display game info, system status, CPU stats, or other info that you can customize to your liking. Oh, and it's got all the standard keys for typing as well, if you were worried.

Product Page, via GadgetLab