Klipsch's $15,000 speakers probably aren't worth it

Do you have $15,000 kicking around that you aren't planning on using as a down payment on a home or for your kid's college education? Great! Klipsch wants that cash. In return, they'll give you a pair of Palladium Floorstander speakers, sure to please any audiophile in your life.

What makes them worth $15k? Well, they've got specially engineered drivers that use a 3.5-way Tapered Array design along with a horn-loaded tweeter assembly and three high-output woofers. But really, with speakers like this, the price tag justifies itself. What do I mean? Well, to audiophiles, it seems like the higher the price tag, the better the product. So Klipsch just slaps a ludicrous price on a big pair of speakers, and viola! Instant quality.

Klipsch, via Oh Gizmo!