Klipsch IMAGE earphones, claimed to be world's smallest and lightest

Klipsch just rolled out its IMAGE earphones, calling them the smallest and lightest in-ear earphones in the world. They are so tiny you can slip them in your ears and they disappear, with only two thin black wires showing. Klipsch built them for comfort, too, with your choice of five sizes of contoured ear gels which fit into your ear canal without being too obtrusive. They look a whole lot more comfortable than the somewhat abrasive Ultimate Ears earphones we wear every day around here.

A smart innovation is the mechanical locking rings to keep these earbuds from getting stuck in your ears, a problem we've noticed with a variety of other in-ear style phones. The company also says it's packed in some "extended frequency balanced micro-armatures" to punch up the sound. We'll have to audition these personally just to confirm that lofty claim. Available in November, these tiny earbuds bring that alleged high quality at a steep price: $349 for a pair.

Klipsch, via BB Gadgets