Keep your iPod hidden by switching tracks with your teeth

With iPod theft running rampant, many people are afraid to pull their expensive music players out to change tracks when in crowded areas. You can't really blame them; if there's anyone to blame, it's Apple for not putting in better anti-theft software. But in any case, that's the way things are.

Researchers in Japan want to make it easier for skittish music fans to change the song on their portable players without feeling exposed. They've developed a way for you to change songs using only your teeth. Fancy headgear equipped with infrared sensors and a microcomputer will be able to tell when you've clenched your teeth for one second, which is different than what happens when you chew or talk. That way you can invisibly switch tracks without drawing attention to yourself. Or, alternatively, you could just not listen to your iPod when walking through dark alleys at night. It's really up to you.

Yahoo, via The Raw Feed