House-on-a-Stick at home on land, sea or air

We like to see houses built in odd locations, and this one's a perfect example. Borrowing ideas from lollipops and billboards, a group of Polish architects designed this dwelling that sits atop a mast, giving you a two-story house that can be built just about anywhere. Its cantilevered design makes it easy to balance on top of a pole, which you see here pile-driven into a lake bed or sea bottom, or even bolted onto the side of a mountain.

The house's narrow depth might result in cramped quarters with the dimensions of a large closet, but with strong enough steel, the cantilever principle could also be used to build it wider. We'd like to place solar panels on one side, and then install an electric motor to slowly and quietly rotate the house to maximize exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Bldg Blog, via Wired Gadget Lab