Homemade beer-brewing machine is amazing

Are you into beer? I mean are you really, really into beer? If so, you might get a little excited looking at this homemade all-in-one brewery. Created by Popular Science photographer John Carnett, this stainless-steel masterpiece has everything you need to create your own frothy pint from scratch. How does it all work?

The first step involves boiling the wort using a propane burner. It boils for 90 minutes and is then transferred through a heat exchanger to the fermenting tank. The heat exchanger cools the boiled wort to between 53°F and 63°F, priming it for fermenting.

Inside the fermentation chamber is where the genius really begins. An electronic temperature controller will activate a pump that circulates water through a rather complicated arrangement of copper tubing. Freon is used to chill it. After 10 to 15 days, the beer is pumped into one of the two settling kegs where it is carbonated. From there it goes to one of two serving kegs, when you pour a beer it is chilled on the way to the glass.

That's some serious hardware. All in all, it set him back $4,315, which seems totally worth it to me.

PopSci, via UberReview