Helio unveils super-thin Fin flip phone

Helio dropped a bomb on us today, following up on their awesome Ocean double-slider with a new, super-thin flip phone dubbed the Fin. The slick, magnesium-cased phone features a 3-megapixel digital camera, GPS, 3G Web access, and 100 MB of internal memory, expandable by a microSD card.

In addition to it being the thinnest flip phone in the States at a mere 11.4mm (about half an inch) thick, it's the first Helio to feature turn-by-turn directions by Garmin. The only catch: you've got to rent that feature for a whopping $3 a day. But hey, if you just want to use it once in a while, that isn't too bad, but it's clearly not something you'll want to replace your in-car navigation system. It's available immediately for $175 with contract.