Hand-cranked media player gives you portable entertainment no matter what

After the lights go out for good, what will you do for music? Here's the answer: a media player equipped with a hand crank, created by Trevor Baylis, the same guy who invented the wind-up radio back in the 90s. Crank it up for 40 seconds and it's off and running, playing 1-GB's (or 2-GB if you so choose) worth of songs from its internal memory or reading files on SD memory cards for limitless musical possibilities.

Except for its human-powered characteristic, it's is almost like any other media player. It'll play your favorite videos on its 1.8-inch screen, and its designers have helpfully installed an LED flashlight on its top end so you can find your way around the smoky darkness of the Apocalypse. Just think, for a mere $345, you could end up being the world's last surviving DJ.

Tech Digest, via Hippyshopper