Fuwa Pica furniture: Add some color to your meal

We though the color-changing Synesthesia Table was pretty cool, but the concept left us wondering: What exactly determined which color the table would change to? That issue's been solved in the my-gosh-this-is-actually-real Fuwa Pica furniture from Japan. Sensors in the circular table detect the color of objects placed on it, changing the hue of the lights within to match, as well as those in the stools around it. An Apple computer inside the table controls it all.

One side "benefit" is that the stools will darken their color based on the weight of the person sitting on them. This may be the first case of the table itself discouraging you from eating the stuff that's put on it.

Fuwa Pica, via BBC

See some video of Fuwa Pica furniture in action after the jump.