Enjoy a Sunrise any time of the day

It's always nice to see how far we've progressed beyond torches on walls. Well, designer Lauren Moriarty not only has just about the coolest last name out there, she's also come up with a really interesting lampshade. Dubbed the "Sunrise," at first glance her lamp topper appears to be a black shade. Switch on a light, however, and all of a sudden a glowing sun appears to rise over the London skyline, printed onto the lower portion of the shade.

Sunrise utilizes a color-changing thermo-chromic layer to achieve the effect, reacting to the heat of the bulb. No word on how long the effect takes, though it could definitely replace early morning flinching in the face of bright light with a tranquil, stylish increase of illumination.

Lauren Moriarty, via Moco Loco