Dalek Sec voice-changing mask: Look gross, talk weird

Sec, the human-Dalek hybrid from Doctor Who (which, uh, happens to run Fridays at 8 on SCI FI) seems a pretty niche choice for a mask considering the slimy guy appeared in only a couple of episodes. Nonetheless, next to a full-size Dalek shell, it's not a bad way for fans of the show to part with 60 bucks. Still, you have to laugh that one of the main "features" listed on the product page is that it's a "must-have Dr Who accessory" (right after the sonic screwdriver, of course).

The Sec mask has a built-in voice changer so you can sound just like the leader of the Cult of Skaro while wearing it. Run around the neighborhood declaring yourself a human Dalek and that you're the future, cool guy. Maybe let on that you're in the mood for some calamari, too. You also get a few preset phrases from Sec's dialogue in the show — which means this just might be the first Dalek-related item that insists "the Doctor must live."

Gizoo, via Coolest Gadgets