Cup&Up Internal Bra makes breasts perky, is unlikely to replace external version

Israeli doctors have invented a new kind of breast augmentation: the internal bra. While the laser bra, which you can get in Los Angeles (naturally), is little more than a nip, tug, and tuck, the Israeli procedure, called Cup&Up calls for an actual silicon bra to be inserted into the woman's body, with real strings helping to hold the breast up and back (no, the size is not adjustable post-surgery). The surgery is supposedly less invasive and risky than normal boob jobs, leading the CEO of the company pushing to procedure to say, "We're not encouraging this trend, we are simply trying to minimize risk." Right.

Before men start celebrating the demise of difficult-to-open over-the-shoulder boulder holders, they should remember that keeping breasts high and perky is not the bra's sole raison d'être. Bras also protect breasts from the cruel and frigid outside world. Don't expect them to disappear anytime soon.

Israel21c, via SlashGear